All Good Things Movie 2010 Review Online

All Good Things Movie 2010 Review Online
Would you be able to do it? That is the question surrounding 127 Hours, a question so personal and thought-provoking for everyone who sees it that they are automatically drawn in by the situation and the events of the story even though they may have never been hiking a day in their life. Would you be able to do what Aron Ralston did? Ralston, the thrill-seeking weekend warrior at the heart of Danny Boyles electric new film, is the young man who gets his right arm trapped between a rock wall and a boulder in a Utah canyon and, after exhausting every option and running dangerously low on water and supplies, is forced to sever his own arm with a cheap mutli-tool blade and escape to find help. The description of the events is gruesome, no doubt, but the story surrounding it is a truly compelling tale of survival and determination, and the film is one of those perfect combinations of director and actor that come along only every few years it seems.

James Franco plays Aron Ralston. Aron is an eccentric adventurer, a free-spirited hiker and biker who might just be a little off center mentally. He is charming though, as evidenced by his encounter with two young female hikers in the Utah canyons played by Kate Mara and Amber Tamblyn. Aron helps the two lost women find their route, but he manages to take them on an exhilarating detour that involves tight spaces, blind faith, and a beautiful blue oasis beneath the surface. Once he gets them where they need to be, he takes off on his own again where he is most comfortable. Unfortunately he has told nobody where he is headed, not his mom and dad, not the two young women, not his boss at work; so when he slips while climbing down into a crevice and a boulder follows his tumble, smashing and trapping his right arm, he quickly surmises that no one will come to find him here.

And so Aron is trapped. He fights the boulder, struggles to move it over and over, even creating a pulley system that fails. He has only a little bit of water, enough he imagines to get him through three or four days. He documents his struggle on the camcorder, even saying his goodbyes to his mother and father. The picture becomes us, the audience, trapped in this crevice with Aron as he battles the elements, the bugs, and his own slipping sanity. He entertains himself because, well, he has to. He imagines himself in other places, with the two women at a party they invited him to, in a former time with his ex-girlfriend; he even imagines that a rain comes and washes him free. Anything to keep his mind off the situation

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