Learn Reiki Online With This Excellent Program

Learn Reiki Online With This Excellent Program

Are you interested to learn Reiki online to help others?

Are you searching endlessly trying to see which program is the best in making you certified in this art of healing?

In this article, I am about to tell you a little about learning Reiki online, as well as where you can find a reputable course.

Reiki Attunement

This is a process where a person is made a healer/master by opening up their chakras.

In order to become a healer / master, you need to learn the art and attunement.

It is best to use a program that is easy, informative, and detailed, in order to clarify any doubts.

An attunement usually takes about one day and includes, a short background of Reiki, its history, levels, and hands-on practice.

Can you learn Reiki online?

You can learn Reiki online.

In order to do this, you will need to find a program which can benefit you in the three levels it takes to become a healer / master.

You can find a Reiki master in your area to help you with attunement, but this is not always necessary.

A master may be able to provide you with energy to help you; however, it is mainly up to you in learning the art.

One of the greatest advantages of learning Reiki online is that it is less costly than taking private lessons from a master. It also allows you to go at your own pace.

After searching all over the internet, I have found a great course which is taught by a very well-known Reiki master known as Judith Conroy, and offers certification. Judith has been studying and practicing Reiki for 30 years. She has also written various books on energy healing and self attunement.

The program focuses mainly on self-healing which is very crucial in learning how to heal others.

You are free to learn which ever treatment methods you prefer, and take as long or as short as you want to go through the process.


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So, if you are looking to Learn Reiki Online to become a healer/master, there is a lot more information you would need to know.

I would like to share this information with you at Learning Reiki Online.

There you can learn to become a Reiki healer at your own pace and time with one of the best programs.

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