Online OSHA Training In Perspective

Online OSHA Training In Perspective

The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was created under the US Department of Labor in 1970. The objective of this new government body was to provide measures which would prevent work related illnesses, injuries and other occupational fatalities. These measures would be enforced on the concerned businesses requiring them to follow predefined standards for workplace health and safety. Several firms also conduct online OSHA training programs whose course material is designed to best educate the learner about the dangers lurking in their work space.

Choosing the Best Online OSHA Training Course: 10 Hours vs. 30 Hours

The most popular styles of training programs are either 10 or 30 hours long. Here are their differences:

1. Obvious difference in the course length.

2. The 30 hour program is designed to provide students with an in-depth look at the various hazards and their prevention methods in their workplace. The 10 hour program merely broaches on all these aspects.

3. The 10 hour program is designed for regular employees whereas the 30 hour one is fit for managers and supervisors.

Importance of Online OSHA Training Programs

The OSHA guidelines are applicable under all working conditions. For instance, following OSHA guidelines in working conditions that require the use of heavy duty equipment and machines will help the employees work more efficiently under strenuous conditions. Once qualified, all employees will have the best knowledge to operate their machinery. This will also help develop a sense of leadership as all of them will have the full knowledge to handle any adverse situation.

By doing this course online, you enjoy the additional advantages of learning from the convenience of your own home, at a time that is suitable for you.

How Does the Online OSHA Training Program Work?

To get OSHA certification, you must first clear the level one exam and obtain a temporary OSHA card; using which you can apply for jobs. Eventually, after further processing (within 4 to 10 weeks) you will be awarded your permanent qualification card attested by the Department of Labor. There are several other trainings as well, such as the OSHA 500, which requires one to have a minimum of five years work experience as qualification.

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