The Importance Of Passion In Online Success

The Importance Of Passion In Online Success

If you’ve ever asked yourself whether it is possible for you to enjoy your work and create wealth online, this may be for you. Perhaps you are a complete newcomer to the world of online business and, although you are sure that the internet must be a great place to do trade, you have no idea where to start.

The growing success of many businesses on the web testifies to the fact that it is possible to build wealth with the internet as your platform and, what is more, it is possible to do so by focussing on those things you love the most as the foundation for your business.

Actually, many experts in the field of internet marketing agree that is is in fact better to start a business which is based on your strengths and abilities – rather than to enter a huge market that you have no interest in.

No doubt, it is entirely possible to launch a business in a sector which is already a proven money spinner, such as home loans, or golf, or dieting for example. But if you have no real interest in the subject of home loans, starting a new business in this category would end up being to your detriment.

Unless you have the resolve of an army Sergeant, the tenacity of a champion boxer, and the endurance of a long-distance athlete, it would be better to pick an area that you are passionate about for your online business.

It stands to reason that your passion in a specific field or topic will keep you eager to help your customers, as well as sustaining your interest over the long haul – two key ingredients for ensuring your long-term success.

Think about it. How can you best help others:

A) By being passionate about a job that you love?


B) By half-heartedly doing a job that you have no real interest in?

Most people would rightly choose answer A).

So the first step in starting out with a internet business is to define your interests. Start by dreaming a little about your strengths and passions.

Grab a piece of paper and do some brainstorming. Don’t hold back, let your imagination run wild and jot down all the ideas that you think of. For now, forget about all the areas that you’re weakest and focus on all the things that energize you. Don’t worry about your perceived limitations for the time being – just dream.

What is it that your friends and family tell you you’re really good at? What are the things that you’d spend time doing today, if you could do anything your heart desired? Do you love any particular sport?

If a total stranger unexpectedly handed you $ 1.5 Million, where would you go and what would you do when you got there? What kind of books do you pick up when you visit a bookstore? Do people ask your advice on any particular subject?

What can you do better than anyone you know? For example:

Can you cook a traditional Italian dish that your friends rave about?

Do you love to strip cars and put them back together?

Are your Manga cartoon drawing skills pretty darn good?

Do you have the kind of green fingers that would make even the most seasoned gardener jealous?

Are you a master at gaming?

Whittle down your findings to perhaps three or four key areas which resonate the most with you. If there are fewer, that’s fine, just uncover the things which make you come alive, because these will be the starting point for your online success. Answer these questions honestly and you will be well on your way to discovering your place on the world wide web.

Perry Pearson – Financial Advisor, Internet entrepreneur and Dad!

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