Learn the Basic Driving Skills Online

Learn the Basic Driving Skills Online

Here you will learn the basic driving skills online; although it is recommended to learn driving practically at a drivers school, this will help you to understand what it takes to drive. Driving ed is all about concentration; it is not just about putting in the gear and pushing the pedal. You have to be aware on what’s going on around you.

1- Getting Set to Drive

While at drivers’ school,  make sure you’re comfortable while driving by checking the seat. To do this you have to push the clutch pedal all the way down and make sure you can reach it.  You have to check the mirrors and if these are in a good position as you will be using them approximately every 5 to 6 seconds. You also have to check for other vehicles in the area by looking over your shoulder and that’s because of the blind spot (an area not seen in your mirrors).

2- Know All Buttons and Signs on the Dashboard

When learning the basics at driving school, knowing all buttons there are on the dashboard is very important. Make sure you know what all switches do and what all signs mean. It all starts with knowing the theory.

3- Maintenance

For basic maintenance you should check the tiers’ pressure, know where the brake fluid, engine coolant and window washer reservoirs are. Also know when and how to fill them. You will be learning all this at the drivers school.

4- Signs, Traffic Lights and the Rest!

During your learning process, make sure you understand all signs you see whether if these are on the road or on the wall, you can’t ignore it! 50% of accidents are caused because signs are ignored! It doesn’t just avoid you accidents, it also avoids you fines! Take your time to practice this at the school.

5- Make Sure You Know the Roads!

You don’t want to end up stopping asking for directions or driving around in circles. At the school, you can easily find road maps on the internet to make sure you will get from point A to B.

6- Changing gears.

Everybody gets confused when they need to change gears. It is really simple once you have understand how gears work. Here is when you need to change the gear. 0-10km/hr 1st gear, 10-20km/hr 2nd gear,  20-30km/hr 3rd gear, 30-40km/hr 4th gear and 40-50km/hr 5th gear. The instructor at the training session will tell you exactly when you need to change gears.

7- Always Use All Lights when Needed!

While learning how to drive, do not use fog lamps or bright light if not needed;  you can blind somebody while driving and cause serious accidents. Make sure you use all indicators when needed as other drivers from other drivers’ school need to know what you’re going to do.

8- Learning online.

You can always use the internet to learn lots of things online with drivers edthat teaches you when to stop, how to park and so much more.

It always helps you to learn how to use common sense on the road. Look up more tips on how to drive. Use the internet to learn more driving ed online and become a better driver.

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