Modern Halloween Fancy Dress Ideas are Online

Modern Halloween Fancy Dress Ideas are Online

For most people the mention of Halloween conjures up images of a fun filled festival with everybody dressing up in any number of Halloween fancy dress ideas and really enjoying themselves in the community trick or treating. But, to some the ideas that they have when people are wearing skeleton or pumpkin Halloween costumes and the images that they convey are ones of pure fear and evil.

In fact nothing could be further than the truth; Halloween is all about one big joyful celebration.

When it comes to choosing something to wear for the big night then creativity and imagination is really reflected in the Halloween fancy dress ideas that we see hence, the very bizarre mix of frightening and grotesque or cute and funny. But, it really seems to work and I think that it is simply fantastic. Some of the influences that we have been exposed to over time, have also shaped how we celebrate All Hallows Eve today and the costumes that we wear.

Halloween has been marked as an occasion for centuries in similar but slightly different ways in several different countries. But, the themes that run through all of them are 1. The celebration of spirits from the spirit world being able to come back and join in the festivities. 2. Marking of the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. 3. Believe it or not, trick or treating. 4. A fantastic time for the community to come together and enjoy the feasting (nowadays partying of course).

Because it was believed that spirits crossed over at this time, it was great to be visited by the spirits of family, friends and loved ones. But, there was no way of stopping evil or bad spirits joining the party so, to help keep any unwanted evil ones away people wore the most frightening thing they could to help do this.

If you dressed up as a ghost or a skeleton, then you were on an equally scary level with them and they would not bother you (or so it was believed) Now, I actually think that is a pretty clever concept. So, you can see why we still wear this type of thing today and it is just brilliant that these traditions have survived over time and you and I are still able to enjoy the celebrations and keep the bad guys away.

Of course, today we have diversified in what we wear and some of the fantastic outfits are a real testament to the influences of the world of film and theatre. I have seen some pretty realistic superhero costume ideas, now they were not around at the time of the ancient Celts for sure. But, Batman, Superman or Spiderman are all up to the job of taking on the bad guys without question.

I absolutely love the fact that anything goes these days and that there are endless Halloween costume ideas for anyone to access all at the touch of a button or click of a mouse. So, whether you embrace the old school traditions by wearing something like a pumpkin Halloween costume or bring on the new and look spectacular in a stunning peacock Halloween costume, it does not matter. You are entering into the spirit of the happy celebrations which is just perfect.

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