A Simple Online Money Making Strategy

A Simple Online Money Making Strategy

Who of us hasn’t ever thought about it: Making a living online, earning loads of money, living a life of ease. But how can you succeed? Well, it took me quite a few years from the time I discovered the internet to find out a way of doing it. I have to admit that I still haven’t succeeded, but I learned one strategy for earning good money every month.

For example, here’s the hard way:

Ok, I bet all of you know eBay unless you have lived under a rock for the last years. EBay is the most popular auction site on our planet. You can sell almost everything on eBay as long as you stick to their rules and guidelines. I was a power seller for several years selling non digital goods. That was pretty hard. I was forced setting up about 30 different auctions per day along with shooting photos for every single item and writing a different description for each. It was a full time job. I was earning good money, but it was hard work. When I was lazy for one day doing nothing, I was selling nothing and that means I earned no money. I was forced to sell every day!

And now one example of doing it the easy way

Webhosting – Become a webhost and start selling web space. People are willing to pay you a monthly fee and you provide web space to them. You don’t even need experience to become a webhost. Simply sign up for a reseller plan with a reliable webhosting company and start offering web space packages of your choice. The great thing about being a webhost is the recurring monthly payment you will receive from your clients. Providing web space is an automated business, all you have to do is give support and take care that your client sites will be staying online.

When your business is growing you can expand your webhosting service by offering reseller hosting yourself. This means YOU will be offering the hosting service where people sign up and start selling web space. For reseller hosting services you can even charge more dollars monthly than for standard hosting.

I recommend offering reseller hosting first if you have collected some experiences selling standard hosting. It takes quite some knowledge to run your own server. Running your own server is necessary for offering a reseller service. Monthly recurring payments are the key for earning easy money every month. There are numerous other ways to succeed online but for beginners it’s a good way for starting off by selling web space.

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