What Determines Success For Your Online Business?

What Determines Success For Your Online Business?

Its amazing the difference in scenarios. One internet marketer could be receiving 100’s of leads per day and the other…only one lead…or no leads. What is the difference? The main reason is the first internet marketer understand their niche and the second internet marketer does not. The niche is either incorrect classified or non-existent.

Its easy to become excited when you have started your own network marketing business, you may be really passionate about the product you are going to sell, its crucial you understand four key things BEFORE you turn on the computer;

1. What is your niche? This article is going to focus on the first point.
2. What are the benefits and features of my product?
3. What are the concerns, issues your potential customers have that my product/service can solve?
4. Test you have a niche that is profitable.

Don’t make your decision to select a niche because you think its cool and interesting. A profitable niche will be determined by how people are there online with not only a desire but an urgency to fix their problem by being willing to pay for a solution.

It may be easy to define niches as a ‘need’. ‘Stay at home Mums’ is a demographic. It’s their choice to stay at home and take care of kids. Compare this to; “Stay at home Mum’s that want to earn more money so they can continue to stay home with their kids”. This is defined as a niche because there is an urgency in the mothers that are creating them to seek a solution for their concern in comparison to the rest of the demographic that don’t have the same concerns.

The need (or niche) must be connected to a sense of pain and urgency, to drive the person to take action to fix it. This will help you understand if you’re on track. Some other examples would be the weight loss niche. In marketing terms, selling a cure is far more powerful than selling a prevention. Think of medication, all the commercials are about reducing the symptoms of a cold, its not advocating being healthy and taking better care of yourself.

To wrap up, a niche is defined by a group of people that have a powerful urgency to search and locate a solution to their concern/problem. Understanding what is driving your niche and how your product can provide solutions will help you then identify the concerns in more detail and then test your niche by referring to the search engines to confirm if people are actually searching for terms you have highlighted. This is a crucial step that will help you tap into a see of potential customers, without this crucial piece of assessment you could be wasting a lot of time and resources marketing your product to no one.

Alison Bova
Live Beyond Ni


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