So you are always and everywhere online

So you are always and everywhere online

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From free wireless to mobile phones Network: How to have a notebook,mobile phone on the road always have access to the Internet and your e- mail.

The Internet has become an indispensable part of everyday life. No wonder want many users to be online on the go . We explain how to surf with your laptop anywhere and fall with what cost you can expect . Way, there are also great opportunities to surf on the road for free. More on that .

Preferably free

Ideally, to surf for free. This offer is called Public WLANs , shortly called hotspots or PWLAN . They work exactly the same as the wireless network at home , not a cell phone connection is necessary. You only need a wireless – enabled notebook and an unsecured hotspot – that is one that is not protected by a password or by other means.

Such hotspots can be found , preferably in large cities and other urban centers. Some of these networks are open on purpose , for example in restaurants that offer their customers this service. For example, McDonalds , in collaboration with Telekom of Germany ( formerly T -Mobile) the ability to surf for free in selected outlets 60 minutes.

For other hotspots , it was omitted simply to ensure access,and protect your Dell inspiron 6400 battery. Their use is prohibited by law but is not : It is often not even tell if a WLAN has been deliberately or accidentally left off .

Important: The Federal Court decided a few days agoThat an inadequately protected wireless network operators be liable for it if foreign distribute copyrighted files over the WLAN.

Hotspots Search

To track down a public wireless LAN access, rich in many cases, the standard tools of Windows. Look in the lower right corner of the taskbar icon for the wireless connection.

Click on it with right and then select View Available Wireless Networks as the command now lists Windows on all networks in range. Double click on an unsecured network , to connect with it.

If you prefer a detailed , takes up the free Tool T -Online WLAN -Access Finder back . Click the program first boot to the desired network A and then how to link B. The disadvantage of these ways: you need the notebook .


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