Facebook – An Alternative For Online Dating

Facebook – An Alternative For Online Dating

With the rapid development of social networks, it seems that the traditional online dating sites, which are once popular, now become out-of-date. This is because today we have more exciting alternatives for dating. In using traditional online dating sites, users have to pay a fee for membership and you may communicate with unexpected persons like idle housewives who are desperately looking for some ways to spend their time. It’s real these day that sexy attrative women have dates when they are at home alone. What enables them to do so? It’s Facebook.


Picking up women on Facebook is a bit different than in real life. It’s easier and harder at the same time. Unfortunately, most guys are completely clueless when it comes to Facebook Dating. They think that sending her stupid messages, poking her and commenting on her pictures with an “Oh My God! So hot!” she’ll think you are cool and will invite you for a drink. Yeah right. As you probably know, after who knows how many failed attempts – that doesn’t work.


So, what does work, you may ask.

A lot of things. But that’s another story. Telling you guys what you should do will not help you much – most of you are completely brainwashed into doing what society thinks is “attractive”, what the media is trying to sell you. Most of you guys are doing so many things wrong, that telling you what you should do would only mess things up even more. You have to forget everything you think you know, throw it out of the window and start from scratch. You have to learn what you SHOULD NOT do when attempting to meet women on Facebook. That is where we have to start.


Here are two very important things you HAVE to stop doing – immediately:


1. Stop bragging. Guys that brag are not attractive. “Trying to look cool” by putting up pictures of yourself in fancy places and showing off means that you NEED a girls attention. Cool guys don’t need anything. They have it. They don’t desire attention, since they already get enough of it. By bragging and trying to prove yourself to people, prove everyone how “cool” and “in” you are, all you’ll do is make a fool of yourself, and portray the opposite of what you intended. Let the women come to YOU, and find out for themselves.


2. Stop asking for their number. Too many of you guys are so dumb that the first thing you do when you start interacting with a new girl on Facebook is asking for her number. Are you really that insane? She will not give you her number if she is not interested. If you didn’t find out whether she’s interested enough or not, then don’t ask for her number yet. Being impatient and running after her will only push her away. You have to learn how to pull her in, make her interested in you by learning how to create an attractive profile – not by begging for her number and asking her to go out with you. Wait for the right moment, learn when to wait and when to move on – on Facebook – everything is about moving at the right moment. If you don’t learn that, you will never become successful online.


All of this is not as complicated as it may seem – you just need some guidelines and the right information. Arm yourself with the right information, apply it – and there will be no limits to how many women you can pick up on Facebook, after a bit of practice, almost effortlessly.



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