Autoresponders – A Must For Online Success

Autoresponders – A Must For Online Success

An Autoresponder – What is it?  An autoresponder is a software programme that manages the emails you send to your subscribers and allows you to build a relationship with your mailing list.

Imagine having to send an email message every 4 days to 1,000 subscribers manually!  It is virtually impossible.  You just cannot run a successful internet Marketing Business without a reliable autoresponder.

This is one of the necessary expenses a person has to have when running a business online.

Autoresponders have great features and simplifies the correspondence aspect of your business. Some useful functions are:

It sends automatic messages to your subscribers and prospects.  You can set up an email campaign of as many messages as you like and set them to be sent at regular intervals.

You can perform a broadcast at anytime you want to. eg if you have suddenly come across a great offer you would like to advise your subscribers about and want to be the first to get the word out you send a broadcast message.

Your autoresponder collects the email addresses of visitors to your website and in so doing you grow your list.

To collect prospects information you need an “opt-in” form on your webpage or squeeze page.  This is easily created by your autoresponder.

Your autoresponder also sends an automated message to subscribers asking them to confirm their request for information.  In so doing you are getting genuinely interested people.  Your may have a few prospects unsubscribing, however, an opt-in or double opt-in list is great as you can build a relationship with your prospects.

Another great feature of an autoresponder is that you can have as many mailing lists as you wish.  You can set up email campaigns for each list (ie a set of prewritten emails).  This is great when you have more than one website or you are promoting more than one product or service.

Having different lists allows you to keep track of which is your most popular product or service by checking the amount of people that sign up to each list in a certain period of time.

When it is time to set up a sequence of, lets say 20 emails, it seems like a mammoth task.  But let me assure you, when it is done you can sit back and relax.  I you have set up 20 emails to go out at an interval of every 3 days you know that each time a prospect signs up to your list they are going to automatically get emails from you for the next two months.

Should you want more information about autoresponders and the benefit of having one please visit the link below where you will find all the information you need and plenty more.

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