The Secret to Paid Online Surveys

The Secret to Paid Online Surveys

Most of the time when people hear about paid online survey sites, they may either try it out for a couple minutes and then quit, or don’t even try it out at all. Don’t be like those people. If you are serious about making a lot of money on survey sites, like me, then stop being lazy and get to work. Heres a question for you, would you rather work for $ 8 an hour as a boring waiter, or would you rather have other people work for you and make thousands of dollars a month? If you are a normal person, then I am pretty sure that you picked choice B.

When individuals sign up for sites like CashCrate they go in thinking that they are about to make a couple hundred dollars with minimal work (I know I did). Once they realize that they are not about to make a lot of money by doing offers, they resort to the referral programs. They slap up a crappy, plagarized blog in 5 minutes and expect the referrals to start pouring in. LOL. Trust me, I was once an internet noob and I thought the exact same thing as you.

Once they wait a couple weeks and realize that their blog is not getting any traffic, they abandon that idea and head over to get paid to forums. They read about all the people who are making $ 20 a month and are ecstatic. If I make less than $ 20 A DAY then I am pretty ticked off. Once they read all of the terrible tips on the forum, they may join and add their referral link to their signature with some pointless saying like, “Join under me, and we can make money together!” Or “Click my link and I will show you how to make hundreds of dollars!!” Most of these people have probably never even gotten a referral and are flat out stupid when it comes to internet marketing. Some forums can get you a couple referrals, but not get paid to forums. Everyone on these forums is already signed up for these programs, so what would be the point in trying to refer them? Exactly, there is no point and it is a complete waste of time.

Then, once the typical person realizes that the get paid to forums are not getting them any referrals they may start posting some ads in the online classifieds. Now I have used this method in the past and have had very limited success with it. They slap up a couple awful ads, with their referral link at the bottom, and say, “Sign up under me!” Do you honestly think that you are going to get a lot of referrals this way? No way! Now you may get a couple, but not nearly the amount that you could be getting.

DO NOT be like one of those people that abandon their blog after they do not get any referrals in the first couple of weeks. Write original content that offers unique help, and start getting some anchored backlinks. Spend a couple hours each week submitting your blog to directories, getting link exchanges, and writing articles. Over time, your blog will have develop a good page rank and you will be in the top of the search engines for your selected keywords. Blogs ARE the key to getting a lot of referrals and making tons of money on paid online survey sites like cashcrate. Keep at it, and don’t be lazy!

When you are looking to make a lot of money online paid online survey sites are the perfect opportunity. When my brother lost his job he needed money desperatley and no one was hiring. I told him about survey sites and he know basically lives off of them. They are not only a great way for teens to make money online, but everyone else as well.

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