7 Online Dating Profile Cliches

7 Online Dating Profile Cliches

Anyone who has spent extensive time browsing online dating profiles, will recognize that there are some lines that you will consistently see no matter what. These lines, though meant to be clever by their respective authors, are in actuality old worn out cliches. If you have one of these in your online dating profile, I implore you to consider a rewrite.

1. “Work hard and play hard”

So you are an office go getter by day and party animal by night, wow, that’s great. I think almost everyone envisions themselves as a hard worker and a fun person whether it’s true or not. However, using this tired phrase isn’t as convincing as perhaps giving us an example of your hard work or your adventurous night life.

2. “Looking for a partner in crime/best friend”

You’re not only looking for a relationship, but also someone who can be your best friend. Isn’t that obvious? Who would want to look for a relationship in which they didn’t get along with the other person?

3. “I like to go out and have fun or stay in and relax”

This or other variations describe almost everyone. Most people like to go out and have fun as well as staying in and relaxing. Do you think that there are many people who only do one or the other?

4. “I’m comfortable dressing up or just wearing a pair of jeans and t-shirt”

Again, this describes most people. There aren’t many who dress up all the time. Also, there aren’t many people who are uncomfortable in jeans and a t-shirt.

5. “Tired of playing games”

OK, so maybe you’ve dated some bad apples and got jerked around in a lousy relationship, but stating in your online dating profile that you are sick of games simply shouts to your readers that you’ve been played. Besides, if a “player” were going to play games with you, I doubt that putting this cliche in your profile is going to deter him. Instead, figure out a better screening process for these types of people.

6. “Sick of the bar scene”

This line just tells us that you’ve gone out a lot in the past and have been incapable of meeting anyone decent in bars or clubs. So maybe you are looking for someone that is a little more laid back and doesn’t want to go out drinking all the time, that’s fine, but you don’t need to advertise that you have run with the bar crowd.

7. “Looking for a great sense of humor”

This is another obvious prerequisite that most people desire in a potential mate. Having a good sense of humor is always attractive and should be a given when trying to find a date. Also, everyone usually perceives themselves as having a great sense of humor regardless if they do or not. Your expectations of good humor may be vastly different then someone else and putting it in your profile probably isn’t going to do much for you.

Matt Savage is the author of Plenty of Fish Dating Tips where he tests new and efficient online dating concepts. He has also written other articles about online dating profile tips.