Creating a Bartender Resume Online

Creating a Bartender Resume Online

Using the internet to post your bartender resume is now a commonly used strategy by individuals who are looking for that high-paying bartending job. Unfortunately, posting your resume online will not get you an instant response. Your goal is to capture the attention of employers who you want to apply for. Here are some ways to do just that:

1. Keywords and Contents of your Resume
When Bar Managers are looking for an employee on the web, they usually used a search tool (such as Google) Now, to help yourself appear on the first page of the list, you should used a proper keyword that is most likely search by employers about your job capabilities and skills. Try to use a list of your skills in a bulleted list such “FLAIR Bartender Expert”, “Proficient Alcohol Mixer”, etc…

2. Create a Marketing Strategy for yourself.
Make it easy to the employers to read about your qualifications for the job by using a summary of your abilities of doing the bartending job.

3. Be Clear and Straight to the Point
You don’t have to put all of your work experiences in different fields of the job where you have been. Just list a few that are most relevant to a bartender, chances are, you will appear on the search results when an employer will search for your experience. Employers want to see your resume on a one page that is briefly and concisely constructed.

4. Determine your Results
Bartending employers will likely to see some proof as to how well you can perform they job they are offering. They usually looked at your experience. However little or extensive your experiences, you will get hired when you properly determine the “Duties and Responsibilities” from your previous job and accomplishments. Make those duties RELEVANT!

5. Appeal Visually
There are resume directories that offers you to fill up a forms where you can easily input your skills and experiences and automatically create your resume. If your resume doesn’t look good to you, try to use those resume wizard creators that has been offered by the resume directories. If you are confident with your own customized and created resume, I would prefer that you will use to upload it than using the offered one.

6. Action Verbs User
There are tons of Action Verbs listed by categories and can be searched on Google. Use them on your bartender resume’s Experience list and on your cover letter.Some sample of action verbs are, “Formulated”,”Provided”,”Approved”…etc.

7. Don’t put Negative Information
Would you ever like your bartender resume rejected? Never! So Never state any negative information about your previous job, why did you got laid off, why you resigned. Don’t mention personal problems and the salary you need or wanted to received. You can choose to tell it on the interview. Your bartender resume is created to get you that interview, not getting you ignored.

8. Update your bartender resume regularly.
Are you practicing a lot more on flair tricks and alcoholic drinks mixing for a few days and acquired new skills? Would you not love to update your resume for those accomplishments? Updating your resume in your contact information is also necessary. You need to have an attentive contact information that will respond from coming bartender interviews.

James Wedmore is the Author of, a blog dedicated to helping bartenders, servers and other service-industry professionals land their dream jobs. He has been working in the server industry over 8 years and now manages his own Event-Staffing Service. For more information on resume building and bartending tips, please visit: