Six funniest online clips of last April

Six funniest online clips of last April

The beautiful days of April have passed; however, some original clips of April are still the most expressive and unforgettable to netizens. During the last 30 days, netizens continuously enjoy interesting videos both of human and animal talent. Here is the list of six funniest clips on the in Internet in the last April. Let’s enjoy!



The “witch” is talent for throwing business cards in the Samsung camcorder ads




The nice dog Chandi makes audiences amazed at his wonderful dance




That’s the clip about a man disguised himself as an invalid, which appeals lots of Vietnamese netizens




On 4th April, netizens continue to be impressed by the beautiful voice of Lin Yu with the song “I will always love you” on YouTube




On 3rd April, that’s the appearance of Apple iPad. Look! What is the cute catdoing?





That’s the prank on the April Fool’s Day!




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