Online Pmp Pdu Training

Online Pmp Pdu Training

When studding Project Time Management and estimating activities, what should the student at a minimum obtain through online PMP PDU training to earn project management PDUs? Below is a good summary:

Once the project manager decomposes the WBS from deliverable to the activities, the following outputs are created:

Activity List

This list contains all the identified activities to be accomplished. The list should have coding that cross references the activity to a deliverable on the WBS. Finally, the activity list should have a description of the work and its scope for each activity. The detail of this information should be enough for the project performer to understand what needs to be completed for this activity.

Activity Attributes

These attributes increase the description of the activity, depending on additional components that are related to the activities of the project. Here is a list of possible attributes that could be related to the project activities these should be reviewed in detail in any quality PMP PDU training course:

-Activity codes
-Activity description
-Predecessor activities
-Successor activities
-Logical relationships
-Leads and lags
-Resource requirements
-Imposed dates

The activity attributes could also include the names, location, and activity type in terms of effort (ex. level of effort, discrete effort and apportioned effort).

Activity attributes can help to develop schedules and order supplies for the activity.

Milestone List

This is a list of major accomplishments throughout the project cycle. This list should identify those milestones that are mandatory due to contract requirements. Milestones are typically not an activity. They are usually a major deliverable or phase in a project, which is supported by activities. Be sure to understand the milestone list when studying time management to earn project management pdus.

Sequencing the activities into logical relationships is the next major activity in project time management. When earning project management pdus in Time Management this is a key concept. Many times one activity has to be completed before the next one can be done. For instance, when building a home, the roof and windows must be built and installed before the wiring and sheetrock can be installed, because these materials will be damaged by the rain. Project managers can sequence activities by using project management software or by more manual means. In any case, determining the logical relationship and identifying the dependencies is the goal of this section.

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