Online Project Management Tools

Online Project Management Tools

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Nowadays, online project management courses become so popular and in demand. These courses are all focused on how to plan, organize and utilize many resources and gives emphasis on project management tools used in order to make projects become successful.

Online Project Management courses are really important for they are used to achieve a set of complex projects’ desired goals about its basic constraints which are scope, time and budget. These three are essential in a project and project managers should use these to search which are achievable goals and objectives.

In our world today, Project Management is really useful; it is used in many areas of education and work like business, construction, engineering and many more. When did it start? It became publicize with the pioneer works of Frederick Winslow Taylor during 1950s. Also Henry Grantt and Henri Fayol contributed its popularity with their project management techniques.

As time goes by, there have been lots of different project management tools. There are for smaller and simpler projects, also larger and complex ones. If you are about to choose specific tools for particular projects, better pick a tool that is suitable with the need in reaching the goal of that certain project.

I can recommend three. First, you can use Henry Grantt’s Grantt chart. This chart is quite specific and easy to understand. It helps makes your projects in order and inputs specific information that you will need the most. It involves schedule of a project that uses bars, indicates significant dates like starting and ending of projects and many more. But, unfortunately, it is not recommendable if you have complex projects because it only applies to smaller projects.

There is also another tool called PERT chart, also known as Program Evaluation and Review Technique chart. Now you could use this chart with greater and more complex projects. Like in the 1950s, the U.S. Navy used PERT chart for the Polaris Project. This tool analyzes and estimates specific tasks and schedules of a project. The most important point in this tool is that it helps to complete a project and keep it in order with the minimum amount of time given to finish the task. And with that, it also helps reducing its costs.

And the last tool to be discussed is the Logic Network. Its specific function is to show the success and progress of the project. This is significant in making a project for it helps you monitor the growth of a project. It does controlling, monitoring and also distributing resources which has a direct relation to time. This will surely indicates the great possibility for a project to be successfully completed.

There have been lots of tools on sale in the market today. And because of this fact, you should be watchful in choosing the right tool that will surely gives your desired output for your projects. These tools will help you achieve your aim and plan of action in a minimum amount of time without spending too much money on it. Then, you are able to be successful.

John Reiling, PMP, PE, MBA is an experienced Project Manager and certified Project Management Professional. John provides online project management courses. John also writes regularly in his blog,

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