Free Embroidery Digitizing Online

Free Embroidery Digitizing Online
Unfortunately often the prices asked by embroidery digitizers are very high. Have you ever heard of Glider Digitizing? This embroidery digitizing service is one of the leading ones among international embroidery digitizing companies. They have a lot of customers worldwide, starting from the USA to Canada, the UK and even Australia. They have many years of experience and a staff that is only made up of professionals. These artist, computer experts and embroidery machine operators know everything they have to and together they can create the perfect artwork for you.
Besides offering embroidery digitizing services at Glider Digitizing they also take care of embroidery punching, digitizing embroidery designs, free embroidery digitizing, stock embroidery designs, vector art services and more. You can bring your own artwork or ask for nice designs, but they also offer custom designs. This means that you can send any kind of image and they will convert it into stitches. By doing this you can see how the image will look after the embroidery and also have to chance to get your favorite images embroidered. If you have a low quality vector file it is not a problem: the skilled artist and expert embroidery digitizer at Glider Digitizing work together & can convert them into very high resolution artworks & finally to a great embroidery design.
If you want to make sure first that all these things about Glider Digitizing are true, you should try the free embroidery digitizing. This means that you can send a small image or logo and you can see the results of the embroidery digitizing. The free trial includes up to 5000 stitches. Besides this great offer minor editing is also offered for free. You can send them an artwork and they will redesign it, making sure that the design is suitable to be sewn out by the machines without any problems. They have to do this to avoid thread breakage and assure maximum productivity and of course also the great look of the finished artwork. If you want to participate in the free embroidery digitizing you will have to go to the online page of Glider Digitizing and fill out the registration form.
The prices of this embroidery digitizing company are the lowest you can find for such a great quality. 1000 stitches cost only 1.5 dollars, which is very cheap for a professional embroidery design. You can be sure that you won’t find prices like this anywhere else on the internet. You also don’t have to worry about any hidden charges or extra charges that come later on. You will be told how much will the digitizing embroidery designs cost and that is the only thing that you will have to pay.
You can always count on Glider Digitizing. Their services are available 24/7, and if you need something urgently you can count on them all the time. Most of the times embroidery digitizing can take a long time depending on the company, but with Glider Digitizing you can get the ready embroidery design in 6 hours. The normal turnaround time is between 24 and 48 hours, but since nowadays a lot of people need things very fast they also offer much faster services.

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