Regretfully ignored 2010 games

Regretfully ignored 2010 games

The 21th century has witness the great development of information technology with profound effects on human life. Specifically, the popularity of the Internet has lead to the blossom of computer games. Hundreds of new types of games are invented each year. Heavy Rain, God of War III, Final Fantasy XIII, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Red Dead Redemption l are the most successful games which have attracted most players since the beginning of 2010. Such “giant” games certainly live up to the media as well as players’ expectations and received a lot of attention. However, there are many other games created in 2010 which are not so lucky. These games have not received adequate attention or even are regretfully ignored.


January: Bayonetta

The game was built on a quite bizarre idea with beautiful graphics


Admittedly this is not the best game ever released on the PS3 technically. Problems with frame rate, long loading time and shabby background graphics, the PS3 version is simply inferior to the Xbox 360 version.


February: BioShock 2

The sales on PS3 is very poor with only 190,000 copies, ranked 12 in March and then plummeted out of the top 20.


Receiving the awards “Game of the Year” with the first version in 2007, the game has been so bad with the following versions. Fans of the game said that the first version was so perfect that it needed no other version. In fact, in the following ones, there are no improvement to make it better.


March: Yakuza 3

This game was released in Japan in late February 2009. However, Saga did not intend to release it anywhere else.


This is purely due to the fault of Saga. Fans of the first version were really frustrated about it because the second version of the game were really brilliant. However, Saga is still consistent with their opinion.


April: Super Street Fighter IV

Despite great effort in marketing, the games is still ignored. Its revenues are very poor though it is rather cheap in comparison with other games in the market.


May: 3D Dot Game Heroes

After a long delay system upgrades by NPD Group, sales figures of May has been launched. It was not happy news to Heroes Game with 3D Dot when this game can not reach the top 10.


June: Singularity

This game was released last week, so we can not know its sales figures. But we have not heard any information about it from Activision except the fact that it has been postponed to release twice.



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